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Hiya, I am new here and i hope i can find support and comfort here to help with my ed. I was on and off ed for almost 7 years now and for the last couple of year i was quite stable (and fat). I went to recovery from 37kg then gain and then i was around 52-55kg for about 2 years......  then in May this year i start restric again and lose about 10kg in 2 month but now i seems to be stuck at this 46kg ;-(

Name: Kaya
Heritage: Thai + chiness
Location: London
Height: 160cm
Current Weight: 46kg
Low Weight: 37kg
High Weight: 60kg
Goal Weight (short term 42kg /long termless then 40kg):
What ED do you have? EDNOS
How long have you had it? on and off 7 years
One thing you love about being Asian: Everything
At least one picture of yourself:
At least one thinspirational picture:
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