mulzanza (mulzanza) wrote in asian_ed,

Some photos

Hi again, I'm on a posting-spree to make up for all the lost time.. haha :P

Me..oct 2005 at a frat party with my friend, ana the banana. haha it was a video game theme and my date and i went as ninjas...

Me... spring break 2006 in mexico... that's the only picture i have of me that's almost full length. i generally just hate taking pictures of my body, unless i'm incredibly drunk or something. then all bets are off. lol.

my stomach has been one of my biggest problems. I just really don't like it, considering that everyone else i know has stomach's that are literally concave. i've done all kinds of sit ups and leg raises to try and get rid of it, but there always seems to be that little bit of pooch. :(

So last night I weight 123lbs, which is 2 less than the day before, but I'm not sure if it' just water weight or what. I think I might need to buy a new weighing machine because the one I have is dodgy as hell! I spent most of the day dancing, which is by far my favorite workout (especially in a club. ha!) and it burns something like 200-300 cals/hr, depending on how intensive it is... not quite as great as running, but definitely more fun!

my bf wants to go to ihop for 'funnel cake fiesta'. holy crap.
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