mulzanza (mulzanza) wrote in asian_ed,

I'm back

Hi guys, I'm back after an incredibly long hiatus, I'm really sorry! I wrote a bit about what happened on my journal so if you're interested you can go take a look there.

Mostly, I just want to know if this community still has active members. If there are, please leave a comment to let me know how you're doing and what you would like to see on this community.

Well, to kick things off, here are !

Ai Tominaga

Cheekbones galore!

Supermodel; superskinny legs...

Du Juan

Hye Park

You can find these pictures and more on

I'd also really love to hear from you guys some of your favorite exercises...anything from pilates to weights to tango dancing! Throw in some details like how long you do it, how many times each week and how effective they are as well :)

Oh, and one last thing! post pictures, pictures, pictures galore. of yourself, inspiring models (Asian or not), inspiring friends, whatever you wish (just nothing too outrageous or pornographic). everyone likes a little motivational kick in the butt!

Hope to hear from you guys soon, till later!

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