Miss ♥ Tiffie (frackgirl) wrote in asian_ed,
Miss ♥ Tiffie


Name: Tiffany
Heritage: Taiwanese (with a splash of Dutch)
Location: Boston
Height: 5'7"
Current Weight: 116
Low Weight: 110
High Weight: 145
Goal Weight (short term/long term):  Short Term: 110, Long Term: 100
What ED do you have? I have anorexia and bulimia... the bulimia I've "gotten over" as in, I can control it and haven't purged in awhile...
How long have you had it? Since the 8th grade... like 9 years..
One thing you love about being Asian: My culture/heritage.. my history/background :)
At least one picture of yourself:

When  I was about 123-125lbs..

When I was about 113...

For my 21st bday

At least one thinspirational picture:

My bodytype is similar to Paris'.. so she's very inspirational to me :)

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