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bangie the stangie 4 angie-donut 4get 2 b(e) angIe


Name: Kajal
Heritage: East Indian (My parents are both from Singapore though, so most of my family still resides there).
Location: Chicago suburbs.
Height: 5'2"
Current Weight: 84lbs
Low Weight: 74lbs
High Weight: 104lbs
Goal Weight (short term/long term): short term: 79lbs long term: 72lbs
What ED do you have? Anorexia
How long have you had it? Since I was 13 & I'm now 16.
One thing you love about being Asian: Being brown & spicy. And Hindi movies.
At least one picture of yourself:
Add me if you actually want to see pictures of my face, I'm really really paranoid of people on LJ figuring out who I am since like more than half my school uses LJ.
At least one thinspirational picture:
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